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Become a Sponsor and experience the Impact of Live Events!
With an annual attendance of 40,000 plus people, PARK IT, family fun nights - delivers consistent high quality family events and an exceptional return on investment for sponsors. Offering direct access to the family market, PARK IT provides an outstanding platform for sponsor branding, business-to-consumer engagement, product sampling, and the opportunity to be out in the community in which you do business. The Tour has continually proven successful for sponsors with a 90% retention rate year after year. We are looking for strategic partners that want to take advantage of our unique activation opportunities and the positive community outreach that Park It offers.

Park It attendance has grown
steadily each year!

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Park It Benefits
• Targeted family audience, moms & dads, decision-makers
• Business to Consumer engagement opportunities
• Grass Roots marketing in City Parks
• Unique platform for branding and experiential marketing
• Data collection and on-site display opportunities
• Associated with a proven event
• 14 year track record of proven success and 90% renewal of Sponsors
• Positive Community Goodwill

Who Attends PARK IT?
Guest Survey Results
Age Distribution
0-20 years old 25%
21-50 years old 55%
51-65 years old 14%
61+ years old 6%

Male 44%
Female 56%

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